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Amtech USA

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Marketing and Public Relations

Brand Development and Positioning: Focused Marketing and Communication Strategies for Success with Japanese and other Asian Automotive OEMs

How are you positioned in this market? How do your current and potential customers see you? Do they even see you at all? What are your strengths and weaknesses, and where are the market threats and opportunities?

AMTECH International’s marketing and communication professionals understand the Asian automotive industry. And since they also understand the unique challenges in this market, they are best able to develop appropriate messages as well as the most efficient and effective ways to communicate those messages.

AMTECH will work with you to identify the key target markets within the industry based on your competitive situation, growth potential and product offering. These focused markets will then provide the best opportunity to develop strong brand awareness and maximize your potential for both increased market share and strong revenue growth.

Let AMTECH’s marketing and public relations professionals put together a communications plan specifically designed for the Asian automotive market --- and for you.

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